Secret Key Micro 3D Face Roller Secret Key Micro 3D Face Roller is a face-body massage tool that helps contour the shape of the face.. Product #: SKM3DFR Regular price: $35.00 $35.00 Out Of Stock

Secret Key Micro 3D Face Roller

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Secret Key Micro 3D Face Roller is a face-body massage tool that helps contour the shape of the face and  stimulates the skin around the neck and chin (and other parts of the body) to stay firm and elastic, and for relaxation purposes.

  • has a solar panel in the handle that tranforms the solar energy into micro current which then stimulates circulaton to tighten and smoothen the skin and lift the face
  • can be used as a facial care and body care: pls refer to the picture and "how to use/Anwendung"
  • comes with a manual for more info and detailed usage
  • waterproof

for face care: roll from bottom to top of the corner of the mouth to tighten the corners of the mouth, cheeck and the facial skin (and create the V Shape)

neck massage: grip the handle up from the shoulder to the back of the neck, back and forth scrolling up and down

arm massage: scroll from the elbow to the armpit

chest massage: scroll to the center of the chest from the armpit OR scroll to the center of the chest from the bottom part of the breast

waist massage: scroll up and down the sides of the waist to the middle

leg massage: scroll to the inner side of the thigh

TIP: the roller grips your skin and kneads it. The pressure it creates depends on the angle of the handle and the rollers. Play with it until you find the right angle for you. It could be tickly or pinchy when you are starting. And also make sure you don't cover the solar plate with your han when using, so that it could catch the light ray. The current won't reach your skin when the roller is massaged over clothing.

Here's a video for proper usage

Clean your tool every after use with a cloth.  If water is used, dry it properly before storage.


*no guarantee

made of ABS ( A type of plastic which is made from synthetic resins). The rollers are coated with platinum for a long lasting use

*Secret Key is a famous Korean Brand and the Micro 3D Face Roller is one of their products but manufactured in China

This is a mini review of Secret Key Micro 3D Face Roller

Hi! This massage roller is actually a very light, super convenient massage tool you can use anytime of the day, to different parts of the body not just the face. I have been using this for maybe almost half a year now (today is 16.03.2018) mainly on the neck area when I get too much pressure on that place or when I get terrible headache because of improper posture sitting in front of the computer. It's always on my desk and I use it often at night while watching a movie. It's also a nice partner massage tool, because it has the best grip that helps your partner massage with pressure according to your needs, and most importantly, its not so tiring compared to massaging with bare hands, which is an advantage for a longer, relaxing massage. 

The rollers are smooth on the skin. The grip can vary from very pinchy to sometimes tickly depending on which angle you use. Try to play with it the first time, to see how you should hold it properly for the best kneading on your skin. It is best suggested to used it on bare skin, so that the micro current can actually reach your skin, but if you think wearing clothing feels a lot comfortable for you, then go ahead. I do that too. :)

Honestly, I seldom use this on my face, since it's always moving around the house being used by everyone. But of course I have tried it on the face. When using the first time,  go ahead and look at yourself in front of the mirror. Roll one side of the face as instructed, and you'll sure see the difference instantly! The cheek is lifted up! It won't of course freeze that way forever, but consist use brings more firmness!

Since I love using it on the back of my neck, I also use it in front going up the chin. This is so much relaxing and believe me it is addicting. Use it too around the breast area where wire bras make that area sore, or on the thighs where cellulites are crawling or at the back of your partner. It's already a great investment for these purposes!

Enjoy it!

PS. I have never used it in the shower or in the bath tub, so I can't tell you about the durability in that matter. 

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