I am Jodethe, the owner and sole founder of BoOonBox. I am a nurse who graduated in Bachelor of Science in Nursing in the Philippines and worked as a Dipl. Pflegefachfrau HF in Switzerland. Since the birth of my youngest child, I quit work and stayed home as a plain mom. Being such a busy mother, I gave up many of my favorite hobbies except for reading. You could imagine me reading beside my son, during his afternoon nap.(can'r really go anywhere or else he'll wake up) It is through these reading episodes, that I came across about Korean skincare.


The Korean Skincare products had fascinated me for their high quality and innovative ideas and yet offer competetive prices, and most importantly I like the whole Korean  concept, where beautiful skin is a priority than hiding flaws through makeup. This concept had just summarized my goal in BoOonBox. It was also surprising that many including the media around the world has been expressing positive feedbacks about Korean skincare.


As I went through my research, I learned how Koreans are so passionate about skincare. They dedicate their time for daily skin routine, they teach their children in young age about skincare and carried this teaching from generation to generation. Skincare is just part of their culture and when it comes to beauty care, they are experts! With this passion in skincare, they are continously striving to develop new and better cosmetics using many natural ingredients like herbs, fruits, vegetables but also new innovations out of this world, which you might think at first to be weird. But hey, they are effective in preventing and solving skin concerns plaguing you everyday. I wanted to share all of these information to you. I haven't used any of the products at that time and yet I was loving it. I was convinced that this is something I should carry on and maybe you would benefit from it too just like I do.


All of the Korean skincare products and information you find in BoOonBox are collection of many midnight researches. Not to mention many sleepless nights too,  designing the whole website from a scratch.  Korean skincare brands and products are very broad, quite intimidating for beginners. This is why, in BoOonBox only the selected products that are bestselling, already tested and proven and achieved good results from other people around the world, are included to ensure you are getting the right ones and eases your choice until your are ready to explore further. I'll try my very best to attach reviews to each of the products listed in BoOonBox.


Being a veteran in online shopping, I know where to find the best deals and find the best products offered in the web and bring it to you! I am a strict shopper, there is no product I did not scrutinized in the whole wide web before buying! I compare product quality, authenticity, effectiveness and prices before  bringing them to the shopping cart. 


I am K Beauty beginner....that is a fact and if you are also new like me, we can learn together through BoOonBox and if you are a veteran, I would be very happy if you share your product reviews and your opinions sometime to us.


Let assured that while our product list is limited at the moment, it would slowly expand for you in the future. And be aware that I shall personally test the products listed in BoOonBox as well and let you know. Slowly but surely.


PS. All of our products are original and they all came directly from S. Korea.


If you have questions, no matter what, please feel free to contact me anytime at Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!



Yours Truly




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