Yes, Koreans are beauty product innovators. You'll find many ingredients unique to their products, which sole goal is to give your skin the best nutrient boost it needs to stay younger, clear and smooth.

The following are actually few of the unique ingredients you find in Korean skincare. As you explore the products, you'll be amazed how many herbs, fruits, vegetables and many other natural ingredients are incorporated to them. The Korean innovation is always striving for the newest and effective skincare, because they want to satisfy the needs of your skin. With the high competition among Korean cosmetic companies, they just have to deliver the best product in the market, because no Korean customer is loyal to one brand. They grab only the best and effective products available.




  • This wonderful ingredient is known to be an anti aging by stimulating the formation of collagen and elastin; repairs damaged skin and restores hydration. They are also found in acne products to lighten scars, soothe inflammation, and heal wounds. So it is actually an all in one beauty product packed with positive benefits.

  • It is indeed a little uncomfortable to use a cream with snail slimes in them, but don't fret, the consistency is not slimey as one imagines. It feels and smells like every other creams or serums.

  • Scientifically, snail mucin is a thick fluid excreted by snails. Compared to humans, we also excret oils or sebums out from our body. But the snail extract is packed with nutrients like hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein enzymes, proteoglycans, and antimicrobial and copper peptides, all of which are commonly used in beauty products and proven to be beneficial to the skin. Its official registered name for cosmetic production is „snail secretion filtrate“. The snails are not harmed from the production of these products.

  • You'll find snail slimes in many product variations like in moisturizers, serums, and in spot treatments. Find one that best suits your skin and your skin concerns.

  • Don't forget to patch test when introducing new skin prodcts to avoid any irritations.


(insert picture of Mizon stating how % of slime in the ingredients)



  • This is a new trend in Korean skincare. Another innovation that originated from the concept of fermenting foods like the Korean's Kimchi or your Sauerkraut. Everybody knows that, Sauerkraut is healthy, its a powerfood, that has many healthy benefits not only in your digestive tract but to the whole human system.

  • From this idea, cosmetic brands like Missha (Time Revolution Line), Goodal and some others has been developing marvelous product with fermented ingredients.

  • Through fermentation, the molecular structure of ingredients are broken down and makes the nutrients more concentrated and more easily and rapidly absorbed in the skin, It can also produce additional skin friendly amino acids and antioxidants.


So what does it do to your skin?

  1. It moisturizes dry skin with its fruit and sugar acid components

  2. Revitalizes and firms skin thanks to the amino acid contents

  3. It's also an anti aging, encouraging the production of collagen and increases cell vitality

  4. Even's up your skintone and lightens hyperpigmentation



  • You read it right! Amazing idea, so let's try to dig deeper to this surprising ingriedent.

  • Bee Venom has been in years in the market, but it is used for treating arthritis, back pains and rheumatish. As a skincare ingredient, it a newbee

  • The concept behind it, is that the venom contains a compound called melitten. Melitten has anti-inflammatory properties which are believed to have higher potency than hydrocortisone. So,when venom is applied to the skin, the body reacts through increased blood circulation and increased collagen production. Futhremore, through this occurence, the facial muscles are temporary relaxed which then reduces wrinkles. That's how it derived its nickname as „natural Botox“.

Note: there is not so much articles about bee venom yet in skin care, but there are interesting articles of the Royal Family in the UK using this kind of treatment. Here is an interesting article about Bee Venom



  • Nope, this is not derived from snakes! Unlike Bee Venom, this one is a synthetic compound similar to a peptide called Waglerin 1 that is found in the venom of a Temple Viper.

  • Just like the Bee Venom this too has a Botox effect, which relaxes the facial muscles and smoothens wrinkles. You can find this ingredient in serums and moisturizing creams and emulsions.

  • One study conducted in Switzerland showed there is no harmufl side effects of Syn ake and proved that wrinkles had actually improved by 52% within 28 days of use.


But like I always say, your skin is different from others, always test a product first before use. It doesn't matter if a product is organically or synthetically produced, your skin is vulnerable to irritations. But that's how you actually find the right skin product for yourself, a trial and error. Have fun experimenting!




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