Water Based Cleanser

Water-Based Cleanser


This is used after the Pre Cleanser (Oil-Based Cleanser)

This could be your second step in your morning routine or the first, if you skip the Pre Cleansing in the morning.

It is important to note that double cleansing in Korean skincare is a must, because not all dirt are washed away by oil cleansers. It is making sure that your skin is free from debris that block absorbtion of  essential nutrients from the next product you apply.




  • apply Cleanser all over face and scrub gently for 1-2 mins
  • rinse off properly with warm water
  • pat face to dry



  • for normal to oily skin: use foaming Cleanser
  • for dry skin: use gel or cream Cleanser
  • look for a cleanser with proper pH: higher pH after prolong use, can lead to breakouts and irritations
  • you found a good Cleanser, when your skin feels clean and soft after use, not too tight and dry









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