Contain grains or microbeads that help to remove dead skin cells and other stubborn impurities embedded in the skin resulting to a brighter and smoother complexion. The formation of blackhead is prevented and the size of pores are reduced. These dead skin cells usually cause the skin to look dry and dull and gives makeup the cakey and patchy look. So, let's slough them off! 

This is part of your evening routine when you have plenty of  time to exfoliate. 



  • spread ample amount of Exfoliate all over the face
  • massage it gently in circular motion for 2-4 mins., paying extra attention to skin concerns (acne, pores, blackheads, etc.)
  • rinse face with lukewarm water
  • pat dry



  • exfoliate only 1-2x/week to prevent skin dryness and breakouts!
  • if there is a necessity to do it more than 2x a week, use the exfoliate only to parts of the face that needs exfoliating, like your chin, forehead or maybe around the nose
  • always use a sunscreen at daytime, when you exfoliate to protect new skin from sunrays
  • read Korean Skincare Guide for more details


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