What makes Korean Skincare Special


giftBest Quality at an Affordable Price

Yes, women love having a beautiful skin, but for Koreans, it a passion having a great looking healthy skin and they definitely opt for the highest quality product for skincare. With the growing demand for high quality products, Korean cosmetic companies are continously improving  product quality and at the same time offering competetive prices.

We, therefore at BoOonBox offer you too, the best price possible for your shopping experience inspite many additional import fees. Let assured that all Korean skincare products in BoOonbox are guaranteed authentic and Korean made.


The new cosmetic trend like BB Cream in the West, have been for many years a routine of the Koreans.  This is just one example, why they are currently called the leading Innovators of beauty products. Needless to say that Korea is only 10 years ahead in the skincare technology tp the rest of the world.

Newest Korean innovations to discover would be the cushion compact and the use of fermented fruits and vegetables, as well as using slime extracts of snails in these products. Weird, one could call it, but they work wonders in your skin! It's proven. Try and you'll be amazed!

browserNatural Based Ingredients

For many, many centuries ago, Koreans have been using native beauty products made of herbs and green teas. They believe that nature gives the best beautiful skin result, therefore incorporating them in their cosmetic products.

Ingredients like sugar, honey, fermented yeast, fruits and vegetables, bamboo extracts, aloes and many other natural ingredients are normal components for a healthy skincare routine. You'll skin will be delighted with these yummy treats!

chatFun Designs

Koreans creativity transforms a normal bathroom into a corner display showcasing its fun and  unique packaging. From a cute panda bear, to a tomato or an apple or maybe a more sophisticated design, you name it, you can find it all in the Korean beauty line of products. 

A presentable packaging for all ages and for fun! Surely a nice gift to someone too!



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