5 Ways To Adjust Your Skincare From Summer To Fall

The fall season is amazing!! It is one of my favorite seasons not only because of the foliage changing into pretty colors but also because of warm pumpkin soups and roasted chestnuts around! The weather, on the other hand, is a bit weird! It is indeed a lot comfortable with the calmer sun rays and the cooler winds, but your skin is not liking these changes! You can wear a coat and a warm scarf to protect you, but what about your skin?  

 It is a challenge to maintain a moist, soft and radiant skin with the drastic change of weather, but no worries, we can do it! Here are 5 ways to help your skin adjust to the chilly weather of fall. 

  1. Switch Toners: If you are using clarifying toners, it is time to switch to hydrating toners. Clarifying toners are great to prevent excess oil and clear pores, but in cooler seasons, you’ll need more nourishment and moisture from your toner. Don’t worry, there are many toners out there that are multifunctional. They are pore friendly and at the same time hydrating!


Some By Mi  AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner

Nacific Real Floral Toner Calendula

  1. Ease Back on Face Scrubs

We know that face scrub is essential in maintaining a smooth and clear complexion! It exfoliates dead skin cells revealing younger skin underneath. In fall, however, your skin needs a “coat”, as you do so that you are comfortable. Exfoliating frequently could damage your skin barrier leading to drier skin. When exfoliating, remember to do it at least once a week only or lesser depending on your skin needs. It is also best to bring back the moisture right away to your skin by applying a sheet mask.

Another way to exfoliate super gently is by using products containing AHA. These are called chemical exfoliants that work gently on your skin by scraping off dead skin cells slowly compared to a scrub.


  1. Invest in a heavier moisturizing cream or even add a face oil

On summer days, gel-type and emulsion kinds of moisturizers are great to keep your skin clean and oil-free, but on chilly and windy temperatures, your skin needs more protection than that! Invest in creams that are nourishing and yet light, since the temperature is not freezing yet!


If you don’t want to give up your favorite moisturizing cream and yet you want to peep it up to accommodate your dry skin, mix a few drops of a face oil from Olivarrier Fluid Oil. This oil is 100% pure and safe and it is super light. This will surely eradicate any bad notion you heard about face oils! It will boost your light cream to a nourishing fall-proof moisturizer!

  1. Layer your hydrating essences

In fall we like to layer our outfits to keep us warm, but we make sure they are partially thick to not suffocate us. Use this as an example for your skin. Find light essences that are hydrating bombs, like products with Hyaluronic Acids (Hanskin Real Complexion Hyaluron Skin Essence). They’ll keep the moisture intact on your skin. You can layer as many essences as you like!

  1. Never forget your sunscreen!

Never convince yourself you don’t need any sunscreen when it’s cloudy! The weather in Switzerland changes drastically. Now is cloudy, in few minutes sunny! Besides, even if it is cloudy the UV Rays exist.

Applying your sunscreen is also one way of adding moisture to the skin. Invest one with a creamy texture like Apieu Pure Block Natural Sun Cream Daily. This sunscreen is great for the chilly months!


That’s just it! Enjoy the fall season!




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