Skincare Tips

Hi Everyone! Here's a short compilation of some tips that you might find useful in your daily routine. As we go through the adventure of knowing a new kind of beauty tradition, like the Korean skincare routine, we find ourselves encountering many new knowledge that help us embrace the routine better.

The following are just few of the tips and tricks original in K Beauty routine:

  • Remember to emulsify your cleansing oil or balm using warm water. This is a very important process when using a Korean makeup remover aka cleansing oil to leave your skin non oily. Some people  are still  not so familiar with this method yet, so here it is.

Here's how: After massaging the cleansing oil to your skin, wet your hands or sprinkle a little warm water to your face and massage until it gets milky. When you see this, you know you're on the right track! If not, sprinkle a little bit more warm water. You'll notice that the oil emulsifies or melts leaving your skin non oily. Rinse and dry.

Why do this? Because we don't want oil to be left behind  from the skin to prevent problems like clogged pores.

  • Use no towel to dry the face! This tip is quite popular in the K Beauty community. And yes, I know, it's not the most convenient way to do when in a hurry, but you'll get the hang of it.

Here's how: Instead of using a towel to dry your face after cleansing, use your hands to shake off the excess water. Do this a few times, then pat your face until almost all water dried out from your skin.

Why do this? Many testified that this method makes the skin a lot hydrated and because no contact of towel occurs, you're also preventing dirt and microbe contact to your skin. The rubbing of skin with the towel is also omitted with this method, which is a good thing, because rubbing can be harsh to sensitive skin. So, if you have a sensitive and or have an acne prone skin, this method might be a good tip for you!

  • Apply a toner in a damp skin: Think of your skin like a sponge. When it's damp, solutions get there way a lot easier and quicker inside the membranes. When it's dried out, the solution can either be trapped on the surface or needs quite sometime time to enter the core. 

Here's how: Right after cleansing your face, don't wait further and pat your toner right away. Never ever dry your skin! Well at least within 2 minutes! To make things easier for you, transfer your toner to a spray bottle. Let's say, you just got out from the shower, spray your face with toner and do the rest that needs to be done ;)

  • Apply your toner with cotton pads: Many K Beauty YouTubers though and most K beauty products recommend to pat toners into the skin. BUT more and more K Beauty Gurus now a days, are advising the use of cotton pads. Important is, your cotton pad is thin, sturdy and absorbent and WON'T just drink up your toner, but has the ability to bring it back to your skin. Unfortunately, there are just few of these cotton pads :(

Patting is okay though, but it doesn't have the ability of the cotton pads to exfoliate and  magnet excess dirt your cleanser has left behind, which makes it a lot more satisfying.

Here's how:

  • soak your cotton pad with your favorite toner and wipe it all over your face. Now take a few pumps of your toner and pat in to your skin. You just got yourself a 2 layer of toner. If you are satisfied, stop here,  otherwise add another layer for additional hydration. This is called the 3 Skin Method.

  • Remember the 7 Skin Method? You can also do it this way. The first layer with cotton rounds, and then pat pat for 6x more

  • When using chemical actives like AHA and BHA, it is also recommended to use cotton rounds to avoid hands with much contact with the actives. You'll also see a big difference when you use this method, since you can target the problem zones better (by pressing the pads longer) using a higher dosage of the toner or active to that particular problem area. 

Why do this? Your skin is much cleaner and pores clearer when using toner in cotton pads. Not to mention that, every mm of your face and neck, and areas hard to reach like behind your ears, and the external part of the ears are all treated properly. No products wasted! Try and you'll see the difference!

  • Use infused cotton rounds to plump your skin when sheetmask is not around. Sheetmasks are handy, but sometimes you just want to treat a particular area in your face quick and easy.

Here's how: Soak your cotton rounds with your favorite toner, essence, or gel. Add a few drops of your serum if you want, and apply it directly to your cheeks, or forehead or to desired areas. Let it sit for few minutes just like when you use an ordinary sheet mask. This gives your skin an immediate moisture! SOS for dry skin!

Few Other Essential Tips for you:

  • Before opening your sheetmask, it is a good habit to „massage“ the pouch to distribute the essences to the sheetmask. Depending on how you store your sheetmask, the essences could collect at the bottom of the pouch, dehydrating your sheetmask. This is why it is important to do this step.

  • When using a sheetmask, remember to remove it while it is still damp! Do not let it soak in your skin more that it was indicated, to avoid dehydrating your skin instead! The sheetmask has the ability to suck moisture back from your skin.

  • Don't forget your moisturizer! Seal in the moisture level of your skin at the end of your skincare routine, or after a sheetmask. 


 I hope you find the above tips useful! Remember to listen to your skin. It always tell you want it needs! See you the next time! 

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