Makeup Remover/Oil-Based Cleanser

Make up Remover/Oil -Based Cleanser

are oils use to remove your makeup, moisturizers, sunscreens and any other cosmetics you applied in the face. Instead of using harsh towels to get rid of your  cosmetics, switch to the gentle way through oil cleansers.

This is the first step of your Korean skincare (morning) and evening routine. This is a routine you should  never skip!  You don't want dirt and makeup linger deep to your pores and clog them, which will later develop to breakouts like acne and blackheads.



  • With dry hands and face, pump out your favorite Korean Precleanser Oil in the hands and gently apply to the face
  • Massage it in the face and or to your eyelids to get rid of those eyeshadows
  • Now, wet your hands a little bit and your face until you get a good consistency
  • Continue massaging face until dirt starts melting away
  • Rinse face with warm water and pat dry



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