Korean Ampoules are concentrated form of Essences packed with powerful active ingredients and vitamins that moisturizes your skin and addresses very specific skin problems like wrinkles, acne, uneven skin tone and saggy skin.

They usually come in a container with an eye dropper. This is part of your evening routine. Again, this is an optional step like Essences, but your skin would thank you a million if you give it more essential nutrients it needs.



  • Squeeze a few drops and pat it in the face. One container will last you really long


  • try interchanging different ampoules every now and then according to your skin concerns to get highest benefits
  • applied at night because of their heavier consistency 
  • morning: essences: night: serum/ampoule
  • some people even mix their own ampoule mixture depending on their targeted skin concerns. If you do this, check it out first for good combinations.


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