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Olivarrier Fluid Oil - 30ml

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Olivarrier Fluid Oil Squalane is a colorless and fragrance-free oil, light weight and easy absorbable that caters to all skin types including  the  oily (yayyy!!) and combination skin!  It is a non- comedogenic oil (non-clogging) which you can use as a stand alone oil or mixed with essences or serums to add extra hydration on thirsty skin. 

  • this bottle contains 100% Squalane oil only! No other ingredients!  Derived from the highest quality of olive oil, in which only 0.2% squalane can be extracted.
  • Squalane is similar to human sebum and keeps skin fresh without stickiness. 
  • safe to use for babies, pregnant women, sensitive, dry, oily, trouble prone skin.


Did you know that healthy skin maintains 20-30% moisture and 70-80% oil? We think that our skin is lacking moisture but actually it often lacks oil. So, in order prevent dryness due to lack of oil, the lipid barrier of the outermost layer of your skin has to be replenished and maintained.

The benefits of Squalane to your skin

  • protects skin from ultra violet rays and Lipid  Peroxidation (the staining of the skin, like freckes, blacks spot, dryness and aging caused by active oxygen. Similar to a stain on old cooking oil) that causes aging and dryness and prevents rough and dry skin due to loss of moisture
  • does not clog pores, prevents accumulation of thick keratin by keeping keratin moisturized
  • strengthens skin barrier

This is also Peach and Lilly's K Beauty Award 2018

At the last step of your skin routine, use 1-2 drops and pat on the skin. Or mix it with your favorite serum, essences, or cream.

other uses:

  • as a lip moisturizer (wet cotton swab and spread on the lips)
  • as a moisturizing and massage oil for babies and pregnant women

Olivarrier is a Korean cosmetic brand that uses minimal ingredients and skipping hazardous chemicals aiming to strengthen skin barrier for a well hydrated, healthy skin. It uses 95% plant based ingredients grown in organic farms. Their products are free from artificial fragrances, dyes, synthetic preservatives, silicon and petrochemicals, GMO and aroma oils.

  • serves all skin types including sensitive
  • cruelty free brand
  • dermatologist-tested
  • certified Vegan 
  • free of toxins
  • EWG verified
  • hypo-allergenic

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