Korean Skincare as we all know is all about hydration, having that plump, dewy complexion that glows from inside out, which is what K Beauty is famous about. As a skincare enthusiast, this is the goal we all want to achieve. So, imagine if you can achieve this goal in just few steps, without using lots of different kinds of skincare products, but just one and that is a toner?

Yes! This blog is all about toners! It is the newest craze that Vloggers in YouTube are getting crazy about. If you haven't heard of it yet, let us talk about it.

How it Works

It is called the 7 Skin Method, the „skin“ mentioned here, means toner, which is, how it is actually referred to in Korea. Why? Because it is the toner that kindda give you another layer of skin when you stripped off your skin from many of its natural oils after cleansing. I call it the the foundation of your skincare routine, because it replenishes those lost oils, balances your skin pH and helps prepare your skin to absorb skincare products a lot better. The „7 Method“, doesn't mean here, you are going to use 7 different kinds of toners or skins, but applying one toner 7 times in one routine! Huhhh!?? Yes! The idea is to soak your skin with not such one layer of hydrating toner, but force it to drink more nutrients until your skin feels bouncy and totally moisturized. The first layer of toner when applied could evaporate or just sit over skin, but each time you pat in layers of your toner, the more it gets absorbed deep into the layers of your skin.

The Right Toner/Skin

But first of, it is very important to note that, the right toner, is a must in this method. That means, you should only use toners that are hydrating, no alcohol (listed as ethanol, ethyl alcohol, denaturated alcohol, methanol, isoprophyl alcohol, SD alcohol and benzyl alcohol) contents or acid actives (BHA) and fragrances. You can also use First Essences, because these are toner-essences that should be applied right after cleansing. Another criteria is, it should be light weight, watery in consistency which absorbs quick and easy to your skin.

The Steps

  1. Cleanse your face like you normally do: double cleansing is a must in Korean routine. If want to know more about it, read here.

  2. While your skin is still damp, apply your toner immediately: either using a cotton rounds or just patting it in into your face.

  3. Once your skin had absorbed the toner (skin is still damp, but not watery wet at all), follow with a pump or dime size amount of toner. Pat the toner to your skin using your palm and finger tips (no using of cotton rounds), starting from the driest part of you face to the oiliest. This way, the dry part of your skin get the most hydration and the oiliest get the least.

  4. Repeat step 3, 5 more times. Do not forget your neck as well.

  5. At the 7th and last stage, right after applying the toner, cup your palms all over face. The heat coming from your palms helps increase the absorption of the toner.

  6. TIPS: For other women with oily skin, this Method is enough to moisturize their skin. Others, follow it with a serum and or moisturizing cream. Others with just a sunscreen and that's it!

For Oily and Dry Skin

You can see an instant effect of this Method to your skin: plump, bouncy and totally moisturized. This method is originally concepted for oily skin during summer times in Korea when humidity is too high. Toners are light weight and at the same nourishing to skin which made it perfect for oily skin, without using heavier skincare products.

If you have drier skin, or you need more hydration in winter or windy days this method is also perfect! It's an additional step to your skincare which you can always add every time you think your skin needs it ! It's like having the same effect of a  sheet mask but the quickest way. :)


You can use the 7 Skin Method once a week, every other day or every day, in the morning or in the evening or both. There is no rule. You know your skin better than anybody else, so you decide!

The frequency of applying the toner is also adjustable to your needs. If you think the 7 times is too much, reduce it! It is actually advisable that you start slow, specially if you have sensitive skin to see how your skin behaves before applying more up to 7 times.

That's it! Easy and quick! Are you getting excited to try it out now yourself? Get that instant glowy skin! But first,... get yourself the the right toners and essences . You can find all toners or essences here or click the BoOonPicks below.

BoOonPicks for You

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Pssssttt! This Method is not limited to Toners or Essences (wink) :) Have fun!!




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