When to use sheetmask in my skincare routine?

Sheetmasks are the most convenient and easiest method in supplying your skin instant hydration. They are packed with amazing ingredients that serve all skin types and target your skin problems. Though it is getting a lot of popularity, it is still the most intriguing product, because of the diversity of “flavors”.  And to those who have never tried one, the most asked question is “When should I use sheetmask in my skincare routine?” To answer this question, it very important to know the core steps of the K Beauty skincare routine.  

Sheetmasks contain essential essences and serums which need clean and clear pores in order to penetrate and get absorbed properly. So first, clear those pores!

Step 1: Remove sunscreen, BB cream or makeup using your oil- based cleanser or makeup remover.

Step 2: Then follow washing your face with your water- based cleanser or best known as your foaming cleanser. These 2 cleansing steps are called double cleansing method. They make sure your pores are free from blackheads, excess sebum and dirt, and are now ready to absorb the yummy goodies.

Step 3: If you want to exfoliate or use your wash off mask, you can do it now, otherwise apply your toner right away, as in pronto! Never let your skin dry out after cleansing! 

Exfoliating like using a scrub or peeling gels, by the way, before sheetmasking will give you that instant glowing and bright skin!

Step 3: Now here comes your essence and serum.

This is also the step when you can sheetmask! You can just push away your essence and serum step to sheetmask or make a “sandwich” by applying your essence or serum and then cover your face with a sheetmask.

Or sheetmask now, and then apply your essence/serum afterwards. This option all depends on your skin type and the sheetmask you used. If you use a detoxifying sheetmask, then I suggest you can follow with your essence/serum. Or if your skin is totally dry, then go ahead use your essence/serum. Otherwise, sheetmask is enough. Just go follow step 4!

Step 4:  Apply your eye cream and your moisturizing cream. This is an important step to seal the effect of your sheetmask. You want those super amazing essences from the sheetmask to stay on your skin longer, and therefore seal it with a cream!

Step 5: Sleeping Pack: Optional, especially if you already sheetmasked. Otherwise grab this hydrating bomb product to turn your skin plump overnight!


  • To get the full benefit of your sheetmask, leave it on the skin for 15-20 minutes, or according to package instruction. Relax and enjoy this “Me- Time”!
  • There are always plenty of essences left on the package, do not waste this! Pat it on the skin after sheetmasking until well absorbed, or apply it on your neck and other parts of the body
  • You may sheetmask daily like those sheetmasks from Etude House, but do not overdo! But at least use once a week to maintain the moisture of your skin! Diagnose your own skin, observe what it needs, and you’ll know how often you should sheetmask!
  • Try different sheetmasks to accommodate your skin problems.

Warning: it can be addicting 😊😊😊😊 Happy Masking!


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