How your Hormones Affect your Skin

Women’s monthly nightmare is not limited to  mood swings, bloating, crazy cravings, but also includes messed up skin condition! As you have noticed, you use the same routine day and night, your skin loves your skincare products to the max and then, suddenly…rough, dull, oily skin and worst acne! Sounds familiar? Though it happens every month,  we remain perplexed to these unwanted occurrences. Thanks to the hormones that get crazier than us every month!

In this blog, we’ll discuss how we can help our skin on its prettiest and worst condition. Let's base our discussion to a normal 28 day cycle. The positive side of having a normal monthly cycle is, it is predictable, that means you can plan ahead and switch  your skincare routine based on how your skin reacts to the ups and downs of your hormones, so that your skin gets  what it needs.



Day 1 to 7

This is when you have your period. All your hormones: Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone are down the level. You feel tired, achy and your skin is dry, appears dull and wrinkles look more prominent. On the 7th day, your Estrogen increases a bit.

Skincare Tips:

  • Aside from increasing your water intake, grab your richest moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. Look for ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, which keeps moisture deep inside the skin cells.
  • Never skip your SPF these days, your skin is sensitive


Day 8 to 10

Your Estrogen level continues to increase. New skin cells are coming. Since Estrogen helps in collagen production, this is the time when skin looks more elastic and stronger.

Skincare Tips:

  • Help boost the Collagen production of your skin. Find skincare products containing Collagen and Vitamin C which also helps in the production of Collagen.
  • It's time to exfoliate to give way to the new skin cells. Treat yourself a mild but effective manual scrub from Skinfood Egg White Pore Steam Pack


Day 11 to 16

This is your ovulating period. Your Estrogen and Testosterone levels are high. You don’t only feel optimistic and confident, but you are also in your prettiest complexion! Time for selfies ladies! Your pores look smaller, your skin plump and wrinkles less noticeable.

Skincare Tips:


Day 17 to 24
Your hormones are preparing for your menstruation. Sebum production is increased making your skin oily! Your Progesterone is high causing hormonal acnes. Your pores are clogged and appear large.

Skincare Tips:

  • Use Sheetmasks or wash off masks that pull out excess oil from your skin. Charcoals and volcanic clays are great ingredients to get rid off excess oil. Try Goodal Black Charcoal Mask Sparkling Clear, a wash off type of sheetmasks. Or Neogen Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser, a dual purpose product, use as  wash off mask or as a cleanser
  • Use BHA products to open and clear pores deeply and sooth breakouts as well
  • Wash hands properly when touching your face!
  • Clean your cushion puffs and makeup brushes to avoid further contamination
  • Don’t forget to remove makeup, do your double cleanse


Day 25 to 28                      

Your Estrogen and Progesterone drops. You are now in your full blown PMS. Your face is bloated, under eyelids are puffy, your acnes are flaring like mushrooms and skin dry.

Skincare Tips:

Indeed a tough job keeping our skin to its optimal condition. But as you see there are ways to fight these misbehaviors. Make sure to grab the right product at the right time of your cycle. But remember every woman is different, each of us reacts different ways to our hormones. The best thing to do is observe your skin, if possible jot down the skin changes you observe or mark them on your calendar :)

Thanks for reading! Until next time...




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