Provides the skin the best hydration it needs, daytime or nighttime. It also offers night repair, sun protection, wrinkle care etc. Find the moisturizer that best serves your skin concerns


  • Massage ample amount to the entire face.
  • Mornings: try to use lighter moisturizer called emulsion
  • Nighttime: you can use the same moisturizer for daytime or opt for a heavier cream


  • Emulsions: lighter than a cream. Good for people with oily skin or who lilve in humid climate
  • Moisturizing creams: thicker than emulsions and  contains occlusive properties. Good for people with dry skin
  • You can apply a sleeping pack/sleeping mask after a moisturizer. Just make sure the first cream is absorbed by the skin properly first.
  • Nighttime/sleeping packs/sleeping masks: heavier creams with anti aging effects. The last cream to apply before going to bed!


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