Missha Missha Misa Geum Sul Rejuvenating Cream - 50ml This premium oriental moisturizing cream is not only packed elegantly but contains excellent orienta.. Product #: MMGSRC Regular price: $37.95 $37.95 In Stock

Missha Misa Geum Sul Rejuvenating Cream - 50ml

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This premium oriental moisturizing cream is not only packed elegantly but contains excellent oriental active ingredients that cater against signs of aging like fine lines, hyperpigmentation and loss of skin elasticity. Formulated with wild ginseng, deer antlers and reishi mushrooms, enriched and extracted by gold and 100% ginseng water to boost skin elasticity and help get shiny and brighter skin tone.

  • dual function: anti wrinkle and whitening
  • applies smoothly on the skin
  • 5 free formula: free artificial color, parapen free, triclosan free, mineral oil free, GMO free
  • contains spiceberry extract (ardisia crenata), a patent ingredient for anti inflammatory and anti-irritation (patent no. 10-0748851)
  • Contains 100% Ginseng water instead of plain water, made with ginseng collected in Geumsan, Korea which is famous for the best quality of ginseng around the world. The Ginseng Water provides enough moisture deep into your skin. 
  • dermatologist tested

The Secrets of this cream to rejuvenate your skin 

  • Wild ginseng, antler powder and wild reishi mushroom are fermented and extracted in a vessel of 24K pure gold to remove impurities more effectively, for a stronger purification effect
  • Contains the highest grade ginseng "Cheonjong Wild Ginseng Heaven-sent Ginseng), a wild ginseng that grows in nature instead of artificially grown, to resolve complex skin problems
  • Contains Cheongeumcho extract, an extract based on Dongui Bogam (Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine) to provide healthy vitality to the skin

 Key Ingredients

  • Ginseng Water: trengthens skin's barrier
  • Wild Ginseng Extract 10% :firms skin
  • Gold fermented Deer Antlers and Reishi Mushroom: nourishes
  • Pure Gold: purifies and brightens
  • Cheongeumcho: energizes
  • Yuyak Boham liquied: makes smoother skin


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At the end of your skincare routine, apply ample amount to your skin. Pat in for better absorption. Use in the morning and in the evening.

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