Your Ultimate Guide in Using Ampoules or Serums for a Dewy SKin

You know that there are 10 Essential Skincare Steps in Korean Beauty, and one of them is the Serum Step. Serum or Ampoule are commonly interchanged and they are in fact the same. Others claim though that ampoules are the concentrated type of a serum and are usually found in smaller bottles with droppers. But then again many Korean Serums also contain concentrated actives. So all in all, they are both the same!

So let us not confuse ourselves here. The most important to know is that Serum or Ampoules are skin treatments or boosters that are formulated to supplement your skin's needs like improving fine lines, treating acnes, diminish dark spots, smoothen dull and dry skin. Since they are concentrated, they work double or triple as compared to essences or toners or even to your creams.

So, let's talk about how to use them, in many different ways instead, to get the full benefit of an Ampoule or  a Serum. Let's get our money's worth from them, since they are in reality too, on the expensive side of the budget.

Use as a Whole Face- or Spot Treatment

After cleansing and toning, apply the serum/ampoule on the whole face. Tap skin gently with fingertips or press your whole palm for better absorbtion. The heat coming from your palm helps in the absorbtion.

Or use it as a spot treatment. If you want to treat dark spots on certain parts of the face, then just treat that part using for example Klair's Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop. If you have combi skin, spread serum to your drier side of the skin and leave out the oily part. So, you see, you don't have to use it all over your face, this way, you even save from the serums!

Use as a 2-3 Week Skin Spa

Though Serums or Ampoule are concentrated actives, they do need sometime to work their ways to you dermis. Great results are actually identified after a month, because that's the span of time that skin turns over. But there are also those who already see excellent result in just few days or weeks of use.

Use it consistently in 2-3 or 4 weeks and afterwards reduce it according to your needs or use it daily as you wish. Your skin will tell you the best to do!

Mix and Match

Serums or Ampoules are not only anti aging concentrates but has also moisturizing effects. Mix 1 to 2 drops of the Ampoule to your favorite moisturizing cream or with other skincare products, to boost the effects to your skin. When mixed with cream, the cream is smoother and spreads a lot better. So, when you feel like your skin is drier that day, use this tip in the evening (or in the morning) and wake up with a well hydrated skin.

A Drop with your  BB Cream or Foundation

Not all BB Creams and Foundations are the same, some are hydrating like that of Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream, but some BB Creams or Foundations do not have this special dewy effect. To get this complexion without buying a new Foundation or BB cream, mix a drop of your Ampoule to your BB or Foundation. It is not only spreadable but gives you more hydration. Take note that the more Ampoule you use, you also change the consistency of your BB or Foundation.

Use to Set Makeup

If you are playful and wants to experiment and loves that glowy complexion (specially if you have drier skin),  you can use this trick by some YouTubers.  Squeeze 1 or 2 drops of Ampoule in your palm, heat it up by rubbing palms together and press it all over face or on certain spots where you want to glow. Ampoules are light weight, so they are great with this technique!

Tips when Applying Serums or Ampoules 

  • For skin to absorb serum best, make sure that your skin is clean. Dirt and dead skin cells trap the effectivity.
  • Apply it to a moist skin. Never to a super dry skin.  This way serums find it way better to your dermis.

  • Some serums need more time to absorb than the others. If you notice this, wait some time before going next to your skincare routine

  • It is best recommended to seal your serums with an emolient, like your moisturizing cream to prevent it from evaporizing

  • You can always layer your serum with other serums, just remember the rule of thumb: always start appying from the wateriest to the thickiest cosistency

  • There is no age requirement when using serum. Just find the right one that fits your skin needs.

  • Study the ingredients of your serum, the better formulated, no fragrances, no artificial colorants and harmful ingredients are the best!

BoOonPicks of Ampoules or Serums for you

To diminish dark spots rapidly:

 Anti- aging 

Nourishes, Hydration Bombs

Soothes and prevents skin troubles

 Listen to your skin! Let us know if you have questions or write us a few lines if you had good experiences with Serums or Ampoules!


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